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New types of tasks: subscriptions, reposts, adding to favorites

New types of tasks: subscriptions, reposts, adding to favorites

Added new types of tasks: "Subscribe (channel, user, etc.)" and "Share in any social network". Section "Promotion" - "Other actions" - "Other".

Tasks of this type are checked manually by moderators through screenshots. You can order any subscriptions and reposts in any social networks or projects. For example, you can order subscribers to your playlist or account in Soundcloud, as well as reposts for the desired music.

We recommend using these types of advertising campaigns for non-standard online platforms and projects. For popular social networks, use standard subscriptions and reposts from the section "Promotion" - "Social networks".

For advertisers who want to order an increase in the number of site additions to favorites, the campaign type "Add to favorites/bookmarks from search" has been added. Section "Visitors" - "Add to favorites/bookmarks from search". After launching the campaign, users will search in the right search engine for the site by the specified key, go to it and add the site to the bookmarks of their browser.

For more convenient interaction with the service, in the advertiser's personal account, sorting by campaign status "Active", "Check", "Stopped", "Rejected" has been added.

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