Need more campaigns

Need more campaigns

We work daily but don't have time to write news 🥲 Now we fix that!
And we're informing you that we have added to the list of tasks. Today we will share what's new with us.

New tasks have been added on the following social networks:

Linkedin: 7 tasks inside🔥
1. Subscribe to channels and users;
2. React to posts;
3. Add contacts;
4. Leave comments;
5. Repost content;
6. Like posts and comments.

Telegram: launch a web application within the bot and perform any actions.
Very relevant task, especially now (everyone has heard about the Hamster bot on Telegram, right? 😁)

VK: subscribe to notifications

VK has replaced "Recommend a public page" with "Subscribe to notifications" in its interface, so we have adapted this task in our service.

RuTube: new category of tasks

1. Watch 15-second videos;
2. Click "top" under the video;
3. Share the video on any of your social networks and earn money💰

Discord: subscribe to server and complete additional necessary conditions, such as passing a captcha:)

And a brief summary of other social networks:

Avito: Subscribe to user accounts
Github: Star projects to evaluate them and subscribe to users
Pinterest: Now you can subscribe to users here too🔥
Snapchat: Add users and like videos
On Twitch and Subscribe to channels

If you want to see more tasks in our service and feel that something is missing, share in the comments, we will be happy to receive feedback.

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