Affiliate program

How to make money by attracting new users


You talk about the IPweb service to subscribers or friends


They go to the site using your link and register on the site


They start promoting their websites, social networks or earn money on surfing

You get paid for it!

How much do we pay for referrals

Referrals are users who have created an IPweb account using your personal link

$ 0.52 - if the referral orders a promotion for $ 5.15

$ 5.15 - extra when the referral spends $ 103.09

Thus, you can get rewards for one advertiser up to $ 5.67.

If a referral uses IPweb to earn money, you get a percentage of his earnings

7% - from all earnings of 1st level referrals

2% - from all earnings of 2nd level referrals

Where to get affiliate link

To attract advertisers

We recommend using a referral link to our promo site

You can easily launch an advertising campaign on it and pay for it right away.

So you will quickly get an active referral and a reward for his investment.

You can use links separately for website promotion or for specific social networks

To attract performers

Use the link to the page for earning, where users can quickly register and start completing paid tasks, and you will receive a percentage of their earnings.

Universal Link

To attract any users, you can place a referral link to our site:

Link to Telegram bot

You can also attract referrals through our Telegram bot.
It is suitable for both advertisers and performers.

How to attract referrals

Send the link to your friends in messengers

Post the link on your social networks

Place an advertising banner on your website

Leave a banner on forums and bulletin boards

The more new users you attract, the higher your income will be!

Our banners

Place ready-made IPweb banners on your site with an already built-in referral link.

Just copy the banner code and paste it into the website code. The picture will load automatically.