New types of advertising campaigns

New types of advertising campaigns

Now in IPweb you can order the promotion of articles, recommendations and actions on the site up to ten minutes.

"Read the article on the site"
– if you want to increase the number of users who will read your article.
Our performers will read a specific article or any article offered on the site. They will spend 60 seconds on the page with your article and be sure to scroll to the end.

" recommend"
- if you want to increase the number of subscribers to the page of your group or public and increase the number of recommendations.
Using this type of ad campaign will give the promotion a more "natural" look. Users will not only visit, subscribe and recommend your group, but also post a repost in their account or perform other actions.

"Actions on the site up to 10 minutes"
– if you need users to complete several actions that do not include registration, reviews and other similar actions.
In such AC, you specify exactly what actions the performer should perform and which screenshots he needs to send for verification. All tasks in such an advertising campaign are manually checked by moderators. So you can get the expected and predictable result.

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