New task types

New task types

Now you can order the following types of promotion in IPweb:

Leave a reaction to a Telegram post

Pass biometric verification (without downloading documents)

Install browser plugin

Participate in an online conference/webinar (up to 30 minutes)

Install the application + sign up for trial

For the "Telegram: subscribe to a channel or join a chat" ad campaign, we've added auto-checkout. With this option, the execution of tasks for subscription in Telegram will be checked instantly. Activate Premium mode in your campaign settings to enable auto-checking of tasks.

In the "Avito: Write a review" ad campaign, they have added instructions for you to "make an appointment" with the seller and then write a review. This is due to the fact that the moderation scheme on Avito has changed, and the review can be written only this way (or after a successful purchase).

And we've also merged Yandex.Efir tasks with Yandex.Zen, as Efir has moved to Zen.

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Очень хорошее приложение.
Good for part time work
Very good app but amount of tasks very low .And some time not received my income.
nice site
It’s amazing apps for my best life..
Merci beaucoup!
your website is very helpful and very good work
Nice project management
اظن أنه جيد.
پروژه ی بسیار خوبی است و همچنین هدفمند و سود آور
Por el momento vamos bien 😃
It's a very effective project.
Very good work
Very good project