Update of the "Help" section on the website

Update of the

Our Wikipedia now has a new structure with a more convenient arrangement of articles, an updated site-style design, and an improved search form.

«The General Questions» block contains all the materials for getting started with IPweb: how to launch your first advertising campaign, the advantages of the service, the glossary of terms and the most popular answers to the questions.

Articles on site promotion in search engines and improvement of behavioral factors are grouped in the «Site Promotion» section.

All information on social networking advertising campaigns is presented in a separate section «Promotion in Social Networks».

Registrations, voting, feedback and other advertising campaigns are grouped under «Other Promotion».

Materials on making money in the IPweb service are collected in the «How to earn money» block.

Articles about mailing are presented in «Mailing» section.

There is a special form at the top of the page to search for interesting information:

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I need more task. It's very interesting site. Thank you
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