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New features for users and advertisers

New features for users and advertisers

Users have the opportunity to change the status of their account from the advertiser to the user and vice versa. To change the status - click on your nick in the top menu on the site and change to the desired one.

For the convenience of advertisers, they added a new functionality: & quot; Oscillations (+/-) & quot; and & quot; Time Zone & quot;.

Oscillations (+/-) - random deviation of the number of visits up or down. For example, for 100 visits per day and 5% of fluctuations, the daily traffic distribution will be in the amount of from 95 to 105 visits: Mon - 97, W - 103, Wed - 100, etc. Thanks to this option, you can make traffic fluctuations more naturally.

Time zone - you can select the desired time zone for any advertising campaign. When setting up temporary settings in the advertising campaign (Day / Hour) in & quot; Advanced settings & quot; All user activity will take place within the selected time zone. By default, all advertising campaigns are set to the time zone (Europe / Moscow +3)

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