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The coolest app ever! Absolutely no need for advertising! Sometimes slows down, not without it. But at least they removed unnecessary Facebook. Payments have fallen, but this is understandable, sanctions. The withdrawal is instant, the commission is ridiculous. Good financial support. Operational technical support for any questions. Well done developers! Huge respect to you! Igor, 14.12.2022
After the help from the support service, I put 5 stars, everything really works great. Well done developers guys Светлана, 13.12.2022
Amazing. Great site and great work, keep up the good work. Тимур, 11.12.2022
I advise this site! I used this site to promote my Instagram, Vk and other social networks. I had few subscribers and likes, and now a lot. Also here you can earn money, you need to perform various tasks, a lot of positive and good on the site. I recommend this site, you will not regret it. Marina, 10.09.2022
I ordered the promotion of groups in VK, my account in Instagram and promotion of a regional site. I chose ipweb by the criteria: the availability of settings geo, depth, traffic is live, not bots. Convenient to promote all from one office. Dmitry, 22.05.2022
Working service for those who need an increase. Minimum bounce rate, good behavioral, unique IP. A large limit of key phrases and entry points, so it is profitable and differs from the analogues. Igor, 01.03.2022
Working service for those who need an increase. Minimum bounce rate, good behavioral, unique IP. A large limit of key phrases and entry points, so it is profitable and differs from the analogues. Igor, 01.03.2022
Working service for those who need an increase. Minimum bounce rate, good behavioral, unique IP. A large limit of key phrases and entry points, so it is profitable and differs from the analogues. Igor, 01.03.2022
Working service for those who need an increase. Minimum bounce rate, good behavioral, unique IP. A large limit of key phrases and entry points, so it is profitable and differs from the analogues. Igor, 01.03.2022
For a long time and without result tried to promote on Facebook by copywriter and content manager. All was to no avail, until I ordered the promotion on ipweb. Now the number of subscribers is increasing rapidly, people are interested in the page, the group looks more solid. I recommend it! Anna, 12.08.2021
I bought some new subscribers for promoting my YouTube channel, a little, 10-20 subscribers a day, and likes for new videos in about the same amount. All works great, the channel is gaining popularity! Svetlana D., 19.02.2021
To promote the group VK ordered 2000 new members, set up their membership with growth for 3 weeks. The group is growing. No bots, only real people. Great service to start promoting your group! Alex, 17.09.2020
I launched a new site, and to promote it I started buying $5 traffic. Some of the users start to be interested in the site, surf it and even come back after a few days. Dmitry, 03.02.2020
For some reason everyone writes about earnings, and that's the only way I found out that here also earn)) And originally I found out about the site because I was looking for promotion of subscribers. Compared to other services, here are not subscribed NONAME accounts, and people from the cities that you choose yourself, so I now use only them! Nikita, 22.09.2019
It's convenient, cheap, easy and clear. You choose the target - subscribers, likes, reposts, video views or any other action, you deposit money into your account in your personal account, and that's it - the work has begun. No intermediaries, agencies, and murky methods. Real people are coming in - the account is growing. Statistics before my eyes. I am glad I discovered this tool. I like it all! Natalia, 10.07.2019

Hello, I'm interested in Twitter followers. Are the users real?


Yes, I see that they are real. You are just a godsend ;)

vlad, 04.04.2018
hello, very good service. I was looking for ways to promote in social networks and came to the conclusion that this site is the best, and you can withdraw money, it passes very quickly, 10 minutes and the money came)) thank you very much, I am now on maternity leave, there is enough time to make good money here наталья королецкая, 01.02.2018
Very good service. I was looking for ways to promote on social networks and came to the conclusion that buying real subscribers at such a price is much more profitable than trying to fill the group with bots or waiting for the project to be noticed. I brought the group to three thousand subscribers and now I can reach a new level - the community looks much more solid and attracts new members much more often. Law of the crowd :) Елена Смолянова, 01.11.2017
I have been using IPweb for a long time and I advise everyone. If there is a small project and it needs a push to shoot, you won't find anything better for the money. Users are not stupid, most often they complete tasks as they should, the result is that real traffic is added to the paid traffic very soon. Андрей Коляда, 27.10.2017
Normal bux gives more or less natural traffic and helps to move sites for low-frequency requests. I'm working on my third project. I use the service as an auxiliary factor when regularly updating the site and publishing new articles, it kind of creates a primary hype, from which you can build on when promoting. Михаил, 18.10.2017
Decent resource. A good addition to natural traffic at a reasonable price. If you use it wisely, then you can really promote the site here. I order traffic from a search engine in a small amount (I won’t give exact numbers), and for the last couple of months I have seen a steady increase in requests of interest. True, this does not happen quickly, but the result is worth it. Женя, 13.10.2017
Intuitive interface, low prices. I will not advise anything, but as an option. You can achieve a tangible increase in traffic in the community or on the site, but you need to know when to stop (well, at least not order more subscribers per day than have already accumulated in the group for the entire time of its existence). In about a month I managed to promote the group quite well, I almost didn’t see dogs. Борис, 13.09.2017
One of the cheapest sites. At the same time, I can’t complain about the quality of the service: what they offer, they sell. It's one of the few honest ways to significantly increase your social media following on a small budget. Валерий Александрович, 29.08.2017
We order "transfers from the search engine" for 5 requests with 2 additional transitions by each visitor through the pages for a site with articles on medicine. We order a little - only 5-15 visitors per day for each request. However, during the month, 3 requests moved up from 3-4 pages to the 1st, and 1 request entered the top 3 from 14th place. For such money - just an excellent result. Федор, 24.04.2017
To promote the group, Vkontakte ordered 2000 new members, set their entry to grow by 3 weeks. I got a group with an already active audience - all newcomers are live, real people (and not bots, as they are sold on many sites), although initially at such a price of the service they are clearly not all interested in my topics, but the group is now active: people like posts, write comments, etc. Very good service to start promoting the group. Дмитрий, 19.04.2017
Three months after I got a new job, I got hooked on social media. At first I didn’t know what to do with them: publications themselves don’t add subscribers, but where can I get them in this case?) IPweb is a real find. There were 200 people in the VK group, and now 700 and continues to grow. The bosses are delighted, they consider me a valuable employee, - not only do I cope with my duties, but I also move social programs :) Маша, 12.04.2017
I blog about entrepreneurship and regularly order the service "tell about the Vkontakte website" - about 100 reposts for each new article. Now, immediately after the publication, the article receives not only traffic from my site, but also transitions from the social networks of registered users - the audience here is alive, watching, interested, and most importantly, that all friends of those who reposted the article see. I plan to start a Twitter page and try it there too. Иван, 21.03.2017
To promote my channel on YouTube, I buy subscribers, a little, 10-20 per day, and likes for all new videos, about the same amount. Everything works great, the channel is gaining popularity! Руслан, 12.03.2017
We have a good thematic aggregator with traffic from organic, contextual advertising, affiliate placements, etc., where advertisers place and buy ads. Sometimes they complain that "something is too few clicks from you", and they are more than satisfied with the number of orders, because. I have high-quality and thematic traffic, but you see, there are not enough clicks. Because they also want to have traffic to their site from advertising, in addition to applications and orders. You have to buy more on IPweb daily for 30-50 clicks on each banner with paths on the advertiser's site. I spend from 3,000 to 5,000 rubles a month on this, my advertisers are now more than satisfied with the number of clicks and orders, they renew advertising without any questions. Владимир, 07.03.2017
We buy 100-300 retweets for each tweet from our corporate account, we average 1-2 tweets per day. We spend only 3,000 rubles a month on such promotion, and the activity on our Twitter has increased very much - it is clear that now the information is really spreading, the audience is growing, and not as before - "2 retweets and those from the editors." Дмитрий, 01.03.2017
I launched a new site selling heating appliances, and for promotion I started buying regular traffic for 99 rubles. I started with 30-50 visits per day, set it to automatic growth, reached 300 hosts per day, and have been buying for 3 months now. I spend only 900 rubles a month, I get a constant influx of new visitors, some of whom are actively interested in the site, walk on it, read materials and even return after a few days. Саша, 27.02.2017
We had about 500 uniques per day on our real estate site, but they only made 1000-1500 views. And the site is large, over 1000 pages, and we wanted to increase the browsing depth and average time on the site. We buy on IPweb 300 "internal page clicks" with 5 clicks on different site links by each visitor. Now we have 800 hosts per day and 3000-3500 views, the depth has grown from 2.5 to 4, the average user time on the site has become more than 3 minutes. Елена, 21.02.2017
Works great for making money on a referral link. I ordered a mailing list for 5,000 letters about a new project with my referral, received several dozen registrations of active referrals. Cost paid off) Сергей, 18.02.2017
Once a week or two we order a newsletter about special offers of our service. This is a good way to get several thousand visitors a day to a new page at once, it works faster and has better surfing. Due to the text in the newsletter, the audience comes to the site already prepared, the main thing is to get into the subject and its interest. It's a pity that it's just not enough, 10-12k active subscribers in total, we would have at least 50 thousand - wow, they would have turned around! Рашид, 18.02.2017
Nice project and congratulations to the team for their efforts and dedication and highly appreciated the visionary thought of the projector, it will create history and go to the moon. Baburay, 30.01.2020
Ipweb is a great site. Thank you so much to the developers and the administrator of this site. I work on the site every day, there are always a lot of different jobs. There are a lot of different paid jobs and a lot of endless surfing on sites on the internet on the site and app on my smartphone. is just a great site to work with. It's a great kind of earning, and one of the best remote jobs on the internet. mr1444363285784869137, 08.09.2022
I have been working on this site for over 2 weeks now. I have explored it completely. It is nice that you can withdraw to Payeer wallet from $0.05. There are always a lot of tasks, notifications of emails always come to the mail. It is a good program for cooperation with referral link. Already attracted about 20 people and have a passive income. I recommend it! Alexander, 07.06.2021
Absolutely, the best offer for mobile earnings. The user-friendly, eye-pleasing interface of the app makes the work in the program not stressful, even I would say simple. Payment for performing simple tasks come quickly enough to any wallet you specify in your personal account, bank card or if you want to the cell phone account of any operator. It is important to perform tasks honestly, without cheating the program. Download the application, go to the browser, success to all users of this wonderful program. Michael, 15.04.2021
As long as I look for earnings on the Internet, this is the best site. The withdrawal of payment within half an hour, there have never been any problems, and normal payment for advertising, while other sites 1 cent. I have already withdrawn more than $10. If you work there all the time, you can get paid well. Olga, 05.10.2020
I am a mom, we do not have a kindergarten yet, and the quarantine worsened the situation with work in the country, so I decided to look for work online. Last month I came across an app Ipweb. I decided to try it (nothing to lose) and was pleasantly surprised. Absolutely easy tasks that do not require much time. If you work there all the time you can earn good money. Elena, 03.06.2020
An intuitive interface, various kinds of bonuses, payouts as quickly as possible. Earnings are made from the fact that you put likes, write various comments, leave complaints and all that is associated with the various social networks. Good site for earning money! Vasily, 30.01.2020
great project great to work with --good luck to him and all the best to him success!!!!!!!! vova126, 10.02.2019
To be honest, I didn't expect the site to be just super where I used to be, I don't know myself, I recommend it to everyone! kosmos198, 08.02.2019
The site is great. I've been here for a year now. No complaints. Nilgiz, 29.01.2019
Hello people of this wonderful site! Thank you very much for your honest work. All the best to you! gg100980946106681872033, 21.01.2019
The best resource of its kind. If you are not lazy and work with PC and phone at the same time (if possible), then you can earn without any problems. Good luck to everyone! HardStyle1, 16.01.2019
Thank you very much to the developer. everything works great. Sometimes there is a flight, but everything is super and the task is a lot. I withdraw every day for 30 rubles, sometimes 40 rubles so that this program has a future so that I can live in a place with dreams until the end of my life))) personal earnings do not interfere with surfing! Just click! Alex, 09.01.2019
So far the only real resource where you can easily earn money by doing simple tasks in social networks!!! Pays fairly and fairly fast withdrawal. I am very satisfied with the resource, thanks to the developers and my referrals for the teamwork!!! Happy New Year to all, big and easy earnings, success in everything and most importantly - good health!!! ;-) Nuska, 24.12.2018
The app actually works. I have withdrawn money several times. And the tasks are very simple. I can safely recommend it to everyone. There are useful tasks. Interesting tips and links. Super!!! Chujkova1501, 24.12.2018
Interesting and pleasant earnings, the service pays well, no problems, I really like it. I recommend it to everyone, the best site for making money in rubles. I advise everyone to make money very easy and simple, it does not require special knowledge and a lot of effort to earn real money. Thanks to the developers. denito220, 19.12.2018
IPweb is currently my favorite site. Here you can really earn money and faster than on other sites. Withdrawing money is easy and simple, and most importantly fast!!! I withdraw to my phone, but you can also withdraw to wallets and cards! At first I sat only on a stationary computer, and then I installed a surfing application, and now even at work I easily and simply fill 10 rubles a day. SUPER!!! But you can do more, it's just that I don't have fanaticism, sometimes. margo2020, 18.12.2018
I've been with you for five years - there have been inconsistencies, but this is the most honest thing on the internet!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!! Виктор Леонтьев, 13.10.2018
Hello! I am very pleased that I found this site (thanks to the referee). The site gives real money. Thank you, keep it up! Заляжный Николай Федорович, 13.04.2018
Hello dear developers. Your site is the best program I know of. You are the only honest, conscientious people. Keep it up. Thank you very much, you are the best Евгений Ярошенко, 26.03.2018

You guys are great! You work quickly, all my claims and questions were considered.

Анатолий Турков, 04.01.2018

Thank you very much to the developer, everything works great. Sometimes there is a crash, but everything is super and there are a lot of tasks. I withdraw every day for 30 rubles. sometimes 40 rubles. So that this program has a future, so that he lives in a place with us until the end of his life))) Personal earnings do not interfere, especially surfing! Just click! Thank you very much.

Jerrymil, 12.12.2017

Hello members of this wonderful site! Thank you very much for your honest work. All the best to you!

Марго, 17.11.2017

Your project is the best and highly paid, although the app and website are a bit unstable. I'm still nowhere in a few weeks without referrals 300 rubles. I didn't make money on surfing, thank you very much.

Olermo, 15.10.2017

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