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How can I earn money with the system IPweb?

The main ways of earning WebMoney directly are surfing (browsing advertisers' sites), reading promotional emails and attracting referrals. In surfing mode you'll earn 0.065 rubles for each paid visit, or 65 rubles per 1000 visits. If you read your advertising letters you will get 0.09 rubles for every paid letter you read, or 90 rubles for 1000 letters. If you attract referrals, you will get 3.5 rubles as a lump sum for every active referral (i.e., more than 500 visits) in addition to "lifetime" interest payments from the referral's earnings.

Whether all visits and advertising letters are paid in rubles?

No, not all. The system has two accounting units - rubles and credits. The visits and letters are conditionally divided into "paid" and "free". "Paid" earnings are deposited to the user's ruble account, "free" earnings are deposited to the credit account. Funds from your ruble account can be transferred to WebMoney (WMR or WMZ purse) at any time, as well as spent on "paid" promotion of their sites in the system or sending promotional letters. Funds from the credit account can not be translated into rubles directly, but they can also be spent on the promotion of the site and mail advertising campaign, as well as to transfer any other user of the system. But still the most rational use of credits is promotion of your own sites that allows earning wmz and credits and at the same time to get good income on your WebMoney-wallet and conduct effective advertisement campaign of your own sites.

How much do you pay for referrals?

The system has a unique 6-level referral system, in addition, for each active referral (who makes more than 500 visits), you will receive an additional lump sum payment of 3.5 rubles. Lifelong payments for referrals are distributed by levels as follows: 10% for a referral of 1st level, 5% of 2nd level, 4% of 3rd level, 3% of 4th level, 2% of 5th level and 1% of 6th level. Lifetime payments are charged not in rubles, but in credits, respectively, for each visit made by a referral of level 1, you will receive 0.1 credit, level 2 - 0.05 credit, level 3 - 0.04 credit, level 4 - 0.03 credit, level 5 - 0.02 credit, level 6 - 0.01 credit.

What do the "credits" on my account mean and what is the difference between them and rubles?

If the rubles in your account is the equivalent of Russian rubles (or WebMoney WMR), the credits are the internal unit of the system. Earned surfing credits can be spent on the promotion of your own sites, advertising mailings, transferring to other users of the system, etc., but the credits are not redeemable from users, and therefore can not directly convert them into money, as funds from the ruble account. However, you have the right to sell credits on the secondary market or find an advertiser to unroll from your account, thus making a profit not only from the "paid" but also from the "free" part of surfing-earning.

How do I get paid for reading emails?

In order to get paid for reading your marketing messages you need to check the message "I want to get paid" when you register in the system (or do the same after registration in the "Personal Cabinet" section). Letters will come to you only in the internal mail box in the system, for the reading of each letter you will receive 0.09 rubles or 2 credits. To make the reading count, follow the instructions at the end of the text of the paid message.

My referral made 500 visits today and it says that I got a bonus of 3.5 rubles, but in fact I got nothing!

Cash bonuses for referrals are credited once a day, so you just have to wait a little bit and the bonus rubles will actually appear in your account.

How can I change WM ID or WMR or WMZ purse number in my account settings?

WM ID cannot be changed. Binding of an account to WM ID is performed "once and for all" for safety reasons, even if the WM keys are lost according to item 1.4 of the system rules the administration of the system is not obliged to solve this problem through no fault of the user. You can only change the number of your WMR or WMZ purse if the new purse will belong to the same WM ID as the old one.
When I try to make money by browsing sites I get a message that a proxy server is being used, but I definitely do not use any proxy!
This can be because you are using the Chrome browser with the "traffic saving" extension, or Opera or Yandex.Browser with "turbo mode" enabled. In this case the browser passes incoming requests through its own proxy server, supposedly to speed up the work. We recommend that you disable this mode, or, even better, use the program to earn money IPweb Surf. Instructions on how to disable turbo mode in browsers:
Google Chrome: settings menu to the right of the address bar, item Advanced Tools -> Extensions, disable traffic saving extension.


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