How to attract referrals

Attracting referrals to the system is another way to earn money.

By attracting referrals, you can either just earn (up to 500 rubles for attracting an advertiser) or create passive income for your account (up to 7% of the total earnings of the users you invited as a bonus).

You can find out more about this on the «how to earn on referrals» page.

There are two ways to attract referrals:

1) Distribution of your referral link (it can be found in personal account) manually.

This means that you can send your link to friends, acquaintances and colleagues.

The link can be shared on social networks (VK,, Facebook and others), added to the signature on the forums or sent by e-mail. Everyone who registers in the IPweb system by going to our website through it will become your referral.

2) Placing a banner on the site.

If you have a website, then you can place on it one of our banners.

Everyone who registers in the service by clicking on the banner posted on your website will become your referral.

To attract advertisers, we recommend using a special promo site with your own referral link, which can be found on the affiliate program page. This page shows in detail and clearly the benefits of promotion in our service, which increases the likelihood that the advertiser will be interested and become your referral.

To attract users, use the referral link to the quick money page. This will make it easier for them to sign up and increase your chance of getting a referral. You can find your referral link to this page on the affiliate program page.


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