How to make money on Instagram?

Instagram, which until recently was a newfangled novelty, is now becoming more and more common. That is why we have developed a functionality that allows our users to earn money on their Instagram accounts. You don’t need to link an Instagram account to an IPweb account to complete this type of assignment. The page where you can receive the task looks like this: The appearance of this page will be approximately the same for all types of tasks. Click on the green "Start Task" button. The page that opens after that will look different depending on the type of tasks.

Earn money from likes on Instagram pages

In this type of task, you will have to like the post. Usually it's a photograph. Find the "Like" button, click it and return to the tab where you got the task (next to the left). Now the page will look like this: Click on the orange button and get your reward. The appearance of this page will be the same for all types of tasks.

When working with the program, a large green button "Confirm execution" will appear in the control window to the right of the task, instead of captcha (a window in which you need to select a suitable picture in tasks of the usual type). There is no need to try to return to the previous page in this case.

Like any post

In this type of task, you will be required to like any post on the proposed page. Note that this can be any entry you choose. To complete this task, click on any photo and like it.

Earn money by following Instagram account

In this case, you will open the profile on Instagram that interests the advertiser. You must click on the "Follow" button, as shown in the picture.  After that, go back to IPweb and collect the reward - just like it is done in the case of likes or press the "Confirm execution" button in the same window if you are working through the program.


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