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How to earn on VK

Tasks on social networks is a new functionality of the service, which will help users earn more, and advertisers - to promote their projects more comprehensively. If you want to start making money on social networks, then be sure to link your accounts to IPweb (this can be done in your personal account). Please note that you will not receive tasks from those social networks whose accounts you have not linked. Therefore, when making money in social networks, the more accounts you link, the better. VK is the most popular social network in Russia, so many people are primarily interested in making money within it. Therefore, on this page we will consider the earnings of VK and the tasks associated with it.

Let's describe the order of the task in social networks.

When you come across such a task, you will see the following interface:

Here you need:

  • review the task;

  • click on the green button («Start the task»);

After that, a page will open in a new tab on which you need to complete the task. The appearance of the page and the actions that will need to be done after opening it depend on the type of task. Please note that the interface of our service will look the same in this case, only the contents of the tabs that open when the task is completed are different. Let's take a look at some of the task types.

Please note that if you complete tasks in VK на on together with someone who shares the same IP-address (work colleagues, family members, etc.), then the social network may temporarily block your accounts for "suspicious activity". There is no need to be afraid of such a block, but we recommend that you do not earn money in one social network at the same social networks to different users from the same IP.


In this type of task, you are required to click on the button with a heart («I like»), located under the publication. The publication will open in a new window after you click «Start the task».

Click on this button as shown in the picture. After that, if you are working through a browser, return to the previous tab on which you received the task and collect the reward. The page will now look like this:

The appearance of the page with the award will be the same for all tasks in social networks.

When working with the program, a large green button «Confirm execution» will appear in the control window to the right of the task, instead of captcha (a window in which you need to select a suitable picture in tasks of the usual type). There is no need to try to return to the previous page in this case.

Like any post on the page

As in the previous case, here you are required to like the post on the proposed page. The only difference is that it can be any entry you choose.

Repost any post on the page

This type of task is practically no different from the «Like any post on the page» type, except that instead of like, you need to click on the «Share» button under any post on the proposed page, and then confirm the publication of this post on your wall.


The execution process is completely similar to the «Like» task, but instead of the «Like» button, you will need to click the adjacent «Share» button, which can be seen in this screenshot:

After that, another pop-up window will appear, where you will need to click «Share post»:

Please note that in some cases, the publication may not have a «share» button. If you come across such a publication, close it by clicking on the cross or darkened background around the publication, then find the same entry in the list of publications and click on the megaphone icon, as shown in the picture.

Join the group

In the case of a task of this type, you will see the page of the VK group.

As follows from the task, here you need to click the «join the group» button. Click it, make sure that the desired result is achieved (you joined the group and your avatar appeared in the list of its members) and return to the previous tab - that is, to the page on which you received the task. You will see that the button you clicked before completing the task has changed from green to orange and now says «Confirm execution». Press it again.

After that, you will receive a reward for completing and you can move on to the next task.

Please note that in some cases, instead of the «Join Group» button, there will be a «Follow» button. In such cases, click «Follow» and then proceed in the same way as usual.

Tell friends about the group

You need to follow the same steps as in the case of joining a group, only after clicking the «Join a group» button, additionally check the box «tell friends» that appears next to the button.

Tell friends about the site

If you got a task in which you need to tell your friends about the site, then the advertiser's site will open. The «share» button you need to click may look different. The standard VK widget looks like this:

When you meet such a widget, you must first click «like » and then «tell your friends», as shown in the picture.

In other cases, the «share» button may look different. For example, it may look like this:

Or this:

Other design options are also possible. Most often, in options other than the standard one, you just need to click on the button and publish the entry on your page.

This is one of the more difficult types of tasks, so look around the site carefully, find a similar button, click it, make sure that you really reposted the link to the site (you can check this by going to your page), and only after that go back to IPweb to get payment.

Add a friend

In this task, you will need to add the proposed account as a friend. Find the appropriate button and click on it.

Installing VK games and applications

In this type of task, you will need to install the VK application. Click «Start the task», and in the tab that opens, click "Start the game", as shown in the picture.


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