Basics of earning with IPweb

If you do not have an account on IPweb yet, you can sign in here.

Select the "Executor" status, fill out the form and activate your account by clicking on the link sent to your email address.

We recommend adding a payment method, when you first log in to your account. You need to fill out the form with the numbers of your wallets (WebMoney, YooMoney, QIWI, Payeer and others) to receive payment. You can do that later but you will have to wait for their activation. Adding and changing payment methods for an account that has funds on its balance take up to 10 days for security reasons. You can read more about it here.

After registration, we recommend downloading the IPweb Surf program.

The program is more convenient for earning than a browser. Also you can earn more as it has more tasks available for surfing.

Learn more about the IPweb Surf program.

To start working click on "Earnings" in the left sidebar and choose "Surfing". You will see the advertiser's website and a small control window, there you will receive instructions on what you need to do.

There are different types of tasks. For example, you will need to browse some websites and click on some internal links or advertising banners. After completing all the actions, you need to click on the CAPTCHA image to confirm your performance and get the payment to your balance. 

There are other tasks, such as registration, installation, voting, actions on social networks, marketplaces, etc. These types of tasks are confirmed by screenshots. The screenshots are checked by moderators and, if the screenshot proves the correct performance, you get the payment to your balance. Having completed all the steps from the instructions, click on the "Attach screenshot" button, choose a convenient way for uploading a screenshot, and click "Confirm execution".

To take a screenshot on your computer, click on the "Print Screen" button and save the image using the Windows "Paint" image editor. You can also download and install the free LightShot program. Launch it, click "Print Screen", select the desired area on the screen, click on the disk icon and save the image to your computer. You can immediately attach the screenshot to the task or upload it to any file sharing site (for example, Imgur) and send it as a link to report.

We recommend using the full-screen mode of the program (or browser, if you work via browser). If you reduce the size of the surf window, you may not see elements that are important for completing the task (for example, ad blocks).

In addition to the computer program, you can also use the Android app and our Telegram-bot — @IPwebBot (

When registering as an executor, you are immediately subscribed to receive paid emails from IPweb. You can receive them on your e-mail address, you can also find them in your account on the website and in the IPweb Surf program. You will receive payment for the confirmed reading of each email.

There is a rating table where you can track your surfing rating — Ratings and Contests page.

Invite your friends to join IPweb by sending them your ref-link (you will find it in the registration email or on the main page of your account), and you will earn some % of their income, as well as a small percentage of the income of those they invite.

How to correctly complete tasks in social networks

If you perform social tasks, you cannot reverse your actions. We recheck performances on a regular basis.

You are prohibited to:

  • leave the community after receiving payment for joining it;
  • unsubscribe from channels and accounts after receiving payment for subscribing;
  • "pick up" your like after receiving payment for it;
  • delete paid reposts from your page.

If you violate these rules, your account will be fined 3-10 times the cost of completing the task. It can also be blocked (see section 2.7 of the Work Rules).


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