Advertising campaigns in social networks

Order activity in social networks on IPweb

Real users will follow you and perform other actions that you specify in the instructions. The activity will have a positive impact on the promotion of your profile, community or a specific post / video.

With IPweb you can order:

  • Real video views by real people

  • Likes, reposts, bookmarks

  • Subscribers to a community or channel

  • Viewing posts, reading articles

  • Detailed, meaningful comments or reviews under a post on a social network or other site

  • Links to your site from different social networks 

We carefully check the work of each user who performs the task:

  • The completion of the task (like, subscription) will not be paid to the user if he "takes" it back

  • Each user takes a screenshot to confirm the completion of the task

  • Watching the video will not be credited to the user if he closed it before the timer expired, and also if he did not turn on the sound or minimized the video

You can be sure that you pay only for the actually performed and verified action.

If you did not find the service you need, please write to us and we will help you create an individual task for your goals.


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