How to increase website traffic

Website traffic — this is one of the main concepts that determine its value. It is not for nothing that websites with huge traffic are sold at online auctions at prices comparable to the prices of apartments. Any site needs traffic, because it justifies its existence. After all, the goal of creating any site is to ensure that the information presented on it is seen by as many people as possible. However, the promotion of a newly created site (as well as any other that does not yet have a constant and extensive influx of visitors) — this is a long-term, complex and costly task. Unfortunately for those who are just starting to promote their activities on the network, search engines are very reluctant to share unique visitors with them. The snowball principle works here: even more visitors come to those resources that already have a large attendance, and very few get to those that do not have a large audience. From the point of view of the visitor, this approach is justified, since he is more likely to find what he was looking for on a large and visited resource, but for those who want to promote their site, this approach turns into a vicious circle, from which very few manage to get out. For this reason, many site owners start looking for site to boost visits.

Website visitors cheap

To give the first impetus to site promotion or to increase the audience of an already promoted resource, you can order cheap site promotion through the IPweb service. It's really inexpensive: 1000 visitors per day will cost only $ 1.43. Compared to the prices for visitors in the Yandex.Direct and Google Adwords contextual advertising services, this price is practically traffic for nothing. Visits to the site, which you can order through IPweb, will have a positive effect on your resource: all traffic will pass through the counters and be recorded, the value of the site will increase, and in addition, a large number of people will know about it. Please note that all IPweb users who visit your site if you order promotion from us — these are not robots, but real people with unique real IPs who will manually open your site and view it. There are also great opportunities for customizing browsing depth.

Cheat site views in the shortest possible time

If you urgently need to increase traffic to your site (for example, for reporting), then the IPweb promotion service will perfectly cope with solving this problem. An important and very useful feature of site promotion through our service is that the attraction of visitors starts immediately after the moderator checks the campaign, if you have specified the appropriate settings. For example, you can receive 1000 visitors per day the very next day after ordering an advertising campaign (unless you have added any of the settings that limit the number of visitors by certain parameters, such as geographic targeting or fewer visitors per hour). Campaigns can be configured very flexibly and according to all your wishes - for example, geographic targeting, which we recently mentioned, allows you to attract visitors only from certain regions, which reduces the overall intensity of views, but it contributes well to regional promotion.

Unique visitors with natural behavior

In addition to directly attracting unique visitors, our service allows you to flexibly set up advertising campaigns and ensure the most natural user behavior. First of all, you make detailed instructions on the actions that a visitor must perform on your site. In addition, you can set bounce rate, which will ensure the natural behavior of visitors: some of the users who come to the site (you choose its size) will immediately close it, which often happens when surfing in real conditions (the user opened the page, he did not like something, and he immediately closed it). With this setup, at the cost of losing a small amount of traffic, the value of the remaining traffic is significantly increased, which will then be perceived as visitors who are really interested in the content of the page. This is called improving behavioral factors. In addition, you can distribute visits in during the day in any way convenient for you or use the preset option that provides a natural flow of traffic (more during the day, less at night).

And if you want to see the benefits of our services using real examples, then be sure to check out the section service reviews!

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