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How to make money on YouTube

Before confirming the task on YouTube, you need to take a longer pause. This is due to the fact that YouTube does not immediately process the results of user actions and it needs time to fix them in the database.

If this does not help, send a complaint to the moderators about the completed task by clicking the «Disagree, task completed correctly» button. In this case, the task will be rechecked after a while, and the payment will be credited to your account, about which you will receive a «bell» notification.

YouTube is the largest international video hosting, which today has become a kind of social network. Some YouTube channels are just as valuable to their owners as websites. The popularity of a YouTube channel is determined based on many factors, the most significant of which are the number of views, subscribers, likes and dislikes. The functionality of IPweb allows you to influence these factors, which gives our users additional tasks for earning. Below we will take a detailed look at the process of completing tasks for making money on YouTube.

Please note that if you complete this type of assignment through a mobile device browser, the link cannot be opened in the YouTube app. Only actions performed in the same browser in which the task is opened are counted. Actions performed within the app will not be counted.

When you come across such a task, you will see the following interface:

It will be approximately the same for tasks of different types. What you see after starting the quest (to start, click on the green button as shown in the screenshot) depends on the type of quest.

Like the video on YouTube

In this task type, you will see the following page. In order to complete this task and earn on likes on YouTube, press the «thumbs up» button, as shown in the picture.

After that, return to the tab from which you started the task, click the orange «confirm» button and get your reward. The page will now look like this:

The page with confirmation of the task will also look like in other types of tasks.

When working with the program, a large green button "Confirm execution" will appear in the control window to the right of the task, instead of captcha (a window in which you need to select a suitable picture in tasks of the usual type). There is no need to try to return to the previous page in this case.

Dislike the video on YouTube

This type of task is practically no different from the previous one, except that you will need to press the "thumbs down" button (see screenshot).

Like any video on the channel

In this type of task, you are required to like the video on the proposed page. This can be any video you choose. Select a video (either from the Home tab or the Videos tab), open it, and like it (same as the «Like a YouTube video» task).

Subscribe the YouTube channel

This type of task requires a subscription to the suggested channel. In order to complete it, click on the red "subscribe" button, as shown in the picture.

If an attempt to confirm the completion of the task shows that it was not completed - check that the channel you subscribed to is displayed in the list of your subscriptions at If it is not there (there is such a «glitch» with YouTube) - try unsubscribing and subscribing to it again, after which it should appear in the list, and your subscription can be rechecked and paid for by the administrator if you submit an application using the «Disagree, task completed correctly».

If the number of channel subscriptions in your YouTube account reaches 1000, you will not be able to receive new "subscribe to a YouTube channel" tasks until you remove the excess old subscriptions. Please note that according to paragraph 2.7 Rules of Operation, you do not have the right to independently delete subscriptions to channels issued when completing tasks on, otherwise you will receive a fine or block your account. Therefore, unsubscribe only from old channels that you subscribed to a long time ago. You can do this in the Subscriptions section of your YouTube account.


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